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A 3D isometric survival game where you are Anton Redfield, a ghost hunter cat. (We don't have a cat model just yet) Anton was hired to clean an old hotel of it's habitants for a company that will pay him based on the time he'll finish his job. It's up to you to guide Anton through the hotel for the hunt. 

How to Play

Use WASD for movimentation and the mouse to look around. There is a special scene with all the controlls and you can hold left shift to see the keys in the game. 


This game was made by two students from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica from Campinas - SP, Brazil. We're studying game developmente at college and this is our very first 3D game! 

We are learning!

We know that there is a lot of bugs on this game and we'll work on it to get better! If you play this, please leave a comment with suggestions to help us improve. 


CHSH.exe 17 MB

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